Redken's Extreme line is scientifically designed to improve and strengthen distressed and weakened hair.  Hair overprocessed?  Hair is very fine and fragile?  Trying to gain length?  Extreme is for you!  Redken's lightest weight system is powerful and effective!  Use the entire system to see the best results!

  • Shampoo is thin and light weight.  Distributes evenly throughout the hair.
  • Conditioner is thin and light weight.  Provides detanglability and nourishment to damaged ends.
  • Playsafe is a creamy leave in treatment that provides up to 450 degrees of heat protection and instantly detangle.  Adds touchable softness to damaged, dry, distressed ends.  Use mid shaft to ends.
  • Anti-Snap is a thin leave in lotion that gives the hair elasticity and strength when combing and brushing.  Use all over.
  • Mega Mask is a dep conditioning 2-in-1 mask that is used 1x a week to provide the deepest strengthening.
  • CAT is a spray in deep conditioning treatment that is used exclusively for bleached hair.  CAT neutralizes the alkilinity that bleach causes in the hair (and continues to cause even long after the service is completed!),  Maintaines strenght, elasticity, and combability post bleach services.

Redken Extreme